Casual, Locally-Owned Dining

Most of the locally-owned restaurants in Athens are located on Court Street, just off of campus, or within 1 block of an intersecting street (Union, Washington, State). Athens restaurants are generally casual, very vegan and vegetarian-friendly and very kid-friendly. National chain restaurants are primarily on East State Street--Applebee's, Bob Evans, Texas Roadhouse, Ruby Tuesday's, Qdoba, and assorted fast-food restaurants. A few other fast-food restaurants are located on Richland Avenue (to the right of the OU Inn). A few of our favorite, walkable restaurants are below in order of their appearance.

Fusion Noodle Company: pan-Asian noodle restaurant. On West Union Street.

Franco's Pizza: traditional pizzeria with slice deals available

Brenen's Deli: wide range of sandwiches, soups, and coffee

Ginger Hibachi Grill: pan-Asian noodle restaurant

Bagel Street Deli: wide variety of bagel sandwiches, including breakfast options

OMG Rotisserie: rotisserie chicken sandwiches

Big Mama's Burritos: local burritos with inventive fillings

Insomnia Cookies: warm cookies

Fluff Bakery: variety of cookies and other desserts as well as sandwiches and rice bowls

O'Betty's Red Hot: gourmet hot dogs in a hot dog museum. On West State Street.


Upscale Options

Athens doesn't really do formal dining, but the options below are sit-down restaurants with table service. 

Casa Nueva: Mexican-ish--America's oldest co-op restaurant with an emphasis on local, seasonal food (including breakfast options). Arrive before 5:30 PM to avoid the wait. On West State Street.

Purple Chopstix: pan-Asian menu. On Richland Avenue.

Salaam: global cuisine with fantastic baba ghanouj; very kid friendly. On Washington Street.

Zoe: Athens fine dining. Try the gnocchi appetizer and be sure to save room for the pawpaw creme brulee. On East State Street.

Coffee & Drinks

There are many student-oriented bars on Court Street. Most of the better establishments and local producers would require a car from the OU Inn. Most of the options below also serve some food and have live music.

Athens Uncorked on West Union Street

Casa Nueva Cantina on West State Street

Court Street Coffee on Court Street

Devil's Kettle Brewing on Columbus Road

Donkey Coffee & Espresso on West Washington Street

Eclipse Company Store in Eclipse Company Town

The Front Room Coffee House on the 4th floor of Baker University Center

Jackie O's Public House on West Union Street, one block from Court Street

Jackie O's Taproom off of Stimson Avenue behind Sonic

Little Fish Brewing Company on Armitage Road

West End Cider House at the end of West Union Street