Progress of the Collaboration


The Start of a Century of Work

The Collaboration is working toward a set of integrated, longitudinal studies at various sites around the globe.  The map below indicates the locations of current members of the Collaboration. 

A Brief Timeline of Collaborative Work

Since the Dartmouth Institute and Conference in August 2016, the Collaboration has made slow but steady progress in coming together.  Below is a timeline of events, from Bazerman's plenary talk to today.  We are aiming for a Summer 2018 conference focused on lifespan writing research.

  • August, 2016 - Charles Bazerman's closing plenary at the Dartmouth Institute and Conference: "The Puzzle of Conducting Research on Lifespan Development of Writing Abilities"
  • August, 2016 - Initial call for participants to the "Writing through the Lifespan" Collaborative
  • November, 2016 - End of initial call for participants
  • December, 2016 - Meeting of co-chairs for Collaboration in Santa Barbara, California
  • December, 2016 - Emails of invitations to Collaboration sent
  • January, 2017 - Schedules and agendas for March meetings planned
  • March, 2017 - First round of virtual meetings with lifespan participants
  • March, 2017 - Saturday Lifespan Brunch at CCCC in Portland, Oregon
  • May/June, 2017 - Blog posts in response to the Lifespan Writing Development Group's principles statement in RTE
  • September, 2017 - Planning for October meetings based on blog posts
  • October, 2017 - Second round of virtual meetings with lifespan participants
  • November, 2017 - Planning Conference CFP based on second round of meetings
  • December, 2017 - CFP for Lifespan Conference sent out